I suggest purchasing this album. 

  • intelligence is subjective 
  • beauty is subjective 
  • opinions are subjective 

The judgments of others shouldn’t be an inconvenience. 

Round and around we go. 

I moved into a new place that has a lot of sun for my plants and room for my junk. 

Bird friend. 

Lanikai moonrise. 

Sublime Anonymity 

My neighbor told me I play the cello “extraordinarily well”, but I don’t play the cello. If she only knew that I’ve been getting high while listening to Yo-Yo Ma perform all 36 Bach Cello Suites.   


Grateful for the friends I have who come with me on these expeditions. Especially when we’re running away from the cops for trespassing. 

(Source: T K A N E S via Flikr)  

2r1t inquired Do you edit/how much do you edit your photos before posting them?

For me editing a photo takes around 30 min on average, but if I’m feeling really ambitious I’ll tweak out on it for about an hour. Sometimes It’s very tedious and I end up falling asleep on my computer. But I’m also a sloth and I sleep 23.5 hours a day so that probably doesn’t help.