• intelligence is subjective 
  • beauty is subjective 
  • opinions are subjective 

The judgements of others shouldn’t be an inconvenience. 

Round and around we go. 

I moved into a new place that has a lot of sun for my plants and room for my junk. 

Bird friend. 

Lanikai moonrise. 

Sublime Anonymity 


Grateful for the friends I have who come with me on these expeditions. Especially when we’re running away from the cops for trespassing. 

(Source: T K A N E S via Flikr)  

2r1t inquired Do you edit/how much do you edit your photos before posting them?

For me editing a photo takes around 30 min on average, but if I’m feeling really ambitious I’ll tweak out on it for about an hour. Sometimes It’s very tedious and I end up falling asleep on my computer. But I’m also a sloth and I sleep 23.5 hours a day so that probably doesn’t help. 

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Had a great day adventuring and discovering new places this past weekend. I stalked this one area on google earth and I was actually able to find it in person. The only setback was that my friend and I had to crash some huge BBQ, which was really awkward. it was like “hey don’t mind us, we’re just casually walking through, please continue with your games and merriment while we look for an unknown location we saw on google earth”. 

Me and Mingo chillin.

Mingo is a ferral rooster who keeps hiding in my friend’s garage, he likes to stand on one leg like a flamingo.