Some pictures of my hike up Koko Head Crater today. 

  1. An old golden retriever who sat by me while I was gasping for oxygen (I’m not sure if he was mocking me or making sure I wasn’t dying from cardiac arrest, I like to think the latter).
  2. Fruiticose and foliose lichens which are fungi and algae living together in harmony (This could be us but you playin).

(4/9/14 View from the genetic counseling center)

Bad news: I tested positive for lynch syndrome (genetic mutation).

Good news: I’m officially a mutant. 

Bad news: I have to get a colonoscopy and endoscopy every year for the rest of my life (apparently if you have lynch syndrome your risk for cancer is 90%) 

Good news: I’m still waiting for my mutant powers to develop.

Bad news: I have copies of my own warning letter from my geneticist. It says: ladies, don’t have children with me unless you want little-cancer-filled-mutants. 

Good news: I’m gay. 

Blood, Sweat & Tears

I would like to thank my very muscular friend for taking pity and training me at the gym. Mind you he usually spends a total of four hours working out two muscle groups (which basically equates to death if you’re a lazy ass like me).

By the end of our training session my arms were shaking so spastically their movements pretty much resembled the legs of a new born deer. I think the people next to me were wondering if I was suffering from a minor seizure (which was also very probable since I was fed a concoction of pre-workout that made me feel like I would implode, or fly to the moon).

Aside from the public embarrassment and pain, it was a lot of fun and I learned tons. Now if I could only function normally and lift my arms. 

Just got back from my annual vegas trip. I pretty much slept the whole day (hence the cowlick) and learned ‘Find You’ by Zedd on the piano. This song will always remind me of vegas 2014 and the amazing friends that I love, until we meet again :)

Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know that we’re trying to look sober.
Highlights of the night included: seducing the in & out workers for free milkshakes and meeting Sean Fujiyoshi from Nigahiga.

Black & White night at the cosmopolitan. How do ties work?